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Leaked Details About Why The Queen Dislikes Kate Middleton, This Will Shock You, Our Prayers Are With Her

Kate Middleton is a good person, by most standards. But when you marry into royalty, the only judgement that matters is that of the Queen. Here are some things that Kate has done wrong along the way, that may or may not have irritated Her Highness.

1. She modeled in college



Yes, it was way back in college. But it is still too soon in Queen Elizabeth’s mind. She might have had an issue with the see-through element here. Just a hunch.


2. That drunk night at the roller rink

During a charity fundraiser at a roller disco in South London, Kate got a little too… influenced by liquid substances. After a few minutes she was napping on the floor. Thanks to the Dailymail for being present to capture these incredible photos.


3. That time she and Harry were out on the town


4. Kate’s spending habits

Papers reported Kate had spent around $1 million on a remodeling project for their countryside estate in England. According to Queen Elizabeth, this renovated home is wasteful and unnecessary.

5. Kate’s elevated shoes

Also known as wedges, they are not the Queen’s favorite shoe for her to wear. Apparently, she doesn’t believe they are the proper attire for someone of royalty

6. Caught in a vulnerable position on camera

While on a nude vacation, Kate was photographed in her lack of clothes. When a French magazine elected to post these to the world, Queen Elizabeth was less than thrilled.

7. Short skirts

England is usually cold, dark, and wet. So it makes perfect sense that Kate flaunts her legs like its a hot California day… yeah. Elizabeth doesn’t see the practical application of short skirts in England either, or for other reasons.

Fritz - Aviewfromthebeach

Fritz – Aviewfromthebeach

8. Late night escapades

When Kate goes out with her sister, the outcome is always less than ideal. Case in point, I believe this pictures tells us everything we need to know.

9. Kate’s wedding dress

Yes, Queen Elizabeth took issue with Kate’s wedding dress selection, thinking it wasn’t conservative enough.

The Gloss

10. Evading her royal duties

During her 2014 pregnancy, Kate complained of morning sickness. But in the Queen’s mind, this was merely an excuse to avoid fulfilling her royal obligations. Yikes.

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